Packham here!  How are you?  I’m great, thanks.

You know I’ve been having a great time playing will all of my new friends who’ve been coming here to TURN to visit me (well, mostly but I suppose there are other animals to see as well.  Mind you, they’re not the face of TURN Education!).

Lots of times children come to see me in groups, so there’s a lot of people for me to say hello to, but sometimes we have a child who comes to be with mum (and me!) on their own.  Sometimes they can be a bit sad or a bit shy and they don’t always know what to do with a great, big waggy-tailed chocolate Labrador!

Mum says I have to be really patient with children who have come here to spend some time with mum on their own and I try, I really do try.  Because I’ve got this important job (being the face of TURN Education, did I mention that?) I know it’s up to me to make people smile if I can and I know sometimes people don’t always feel like smiling but I’m a Labrador and we smile all the time.

Well, can’t help it!  I want all the children who come here to smile too and mum says they will if we just give them enough time, space and encouragement.

I’ll bet they would smile if they had a tail to wag, like me!  They’re not having mine, though.  I’m quite attached to it!