What do you do in these sessions?

Our Sunday project launched originally following a community listening event in which local residents and schools asked us to deliver an engaging, focused and caring project for boys aged between 10 and 15. Sunday project harnessed the boys enthusiasm and energy into purposeful activities that needed to be undertaken at our smallholding to ensure our animals were well cared for, safe and secure. It also had them participate in den building challenges, outdoor cooking and forestry teaching skills in a fun way.

iPads banished, communication and teamwork maximised our boys soon began to lead their own sessions. When the plan for group 2 was launched enquiries came from both boys and girls and therefore our group is open to all with a focus on our three R’s Recognition, Relaxation and Responsibility.

We would be delighted to take on new participants and a new group will launch when restrictions alter so please get in touch.  Sessions are 10.30-12 every Saturday and Sunday and cost £7.50 per session.