Who can have a 1 to1? 

The nature of 1 to 1s means that they can be personalised to whatever a participant may need. They also often start off with one focus and develop, over time, into another. We have supported young people with anxiety, low self-esteem and ADHD to see their value and engage more positively.  There have been sessions arranged for those not connecting with other social groups, those bereaved and those not attending school.

Some young people find it overwhelming or not possible to participate in group activities and prefer to attend TURN on their own. This can also form part of a series of activities to help young people be able to take part in a group or with a focus on a specific challenge they are facing or they can always have  1 to 1s, whatever works!

More recently we have provided 1 to 1s for adults wishing to reconnect with nature and as part of a therapeutic programme for those with dementia. The beauty of our sessions is that they can and do support the wellbeing , reflection and progress of all participants in a unique care giving setting.

Sessions start from £25 for an individual hour long session, however funding can be available. Please get in touch for more information.