What do you do in these sessions?

This is our largest project to date working with whole families not just individual children facing challenges, disruption and changes in their lives. The focus is on supporting the young person and their family to engage in activities together and realise new beginnings whilst reconnecting them with each other, their needs and values. It can support positive family cohesion, re-engage young people in education and provide a safe space for quality time together.

Across a series of sessions the families will learn alongside each other on activities such as Animal Care, Leading and Communication, Forest Bathing and Hedgerow Cookery.

If you are interested in participating or feel a project to help more than one member of your family is something that would benefit you please do get in touch. Our project is fully funded in the majority of cases and therefore has no cost attached to it for participants other than travelling to the venue.

At the moment we can only offer these sessions to individual family units (those who live in the same household on a permanent basis) if any member of the family has an EHCP, illness, CAMHS or early help referral or for whom wellbeing is a high priority. We hope to offer this session more widely as soon as the pandemic restrictions are eased.