1:1 Sessions

1:1 Sessions

Personalised for the needs of the attendee, these sessions can help those who need extra attention.

1:1 Sessions

Home School Sessions

Regular and one off sessions and support for those who are home schooling, covering all Key Stages.

1:1 Sessions

Connecting Families

Working with whole families to build relationships within the family unit. This is our biggest project to date.

1:1 Sessions

Weekend Group

Technology banished, communication, fun and teamwork maximised – this group will relaunch when restrictions allow.

1:1 Sessions


Aimed at pre schoolers, TURN Tots is an outdoor, nature based treat for little ones and their families. We’ll be back as soon as we can.

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Work Experience

Opportunities available to anyone in Year 10 and above who needs voluntary or work experience – we’d love to see you when we can.

Smallholding Activity Days and Animal Encounters

Although not bookable at the moment, these days are popular during school holidays and we’ll be running them again as soon as we are able.

Severn Trent