Hi, my name’s Packham and I’m a chocolate brown Labrador. I live with my mum, dad and Flynn in a big old house with lots of fields and stuff to run around in outside. 

Everyone’s very excited at the moment ‘cause mum says that she’s launching something called TURN Education and she says I’m going to be ‘the official face of TURN’!  I don’t really know what this means but she seems to think I do, as long as I wag my tail (which I do, a lot). 

Not sure about this ‘launching’ business, I haven’t seen any boats about and we’ve only got the duck pond and I can’t see them being too happy if we launch anything in that!  Whatever it means, it seems to include a lot more animals (and we had quite a few to start with).

For example, India and me (I’ll tell you about her in a bit) have been evicted from our normal crate in the kitchen so that three lambs can be kept warm and dry.  THREE LAMBS!  I don’t know what that’s all about.

Anyway, this TURN Education thing seems to mean having lots of new children to come and play, which I think is great.  We’ve had some here already, building walls and dens and having great fun.  I’ve been helping, of course, although my waggy tail gets in the way sometimes, but I can’t help that.