You remember I said one of Mum’s new sheep was going to have a baby?  Well, she had it, and we didn’t even have to give up our crate this time! 

Her name’s Cordelia and she’s very fluffy.  She doesn’t look anything like her mum, or the other sheep, but Mum says that’s because she hasn’t grown a full fleece like they have, yet. 

It’s a shame that there’s no-one here to see her.  It’s been really quiet.  Mum says there’s this invisible thingy that can make you really poorly and, until it’s gone, everyone’s got to stay at home.  That’s great for India and me because it means we’ve got the family here all the time, but it’s a shame because usually we have loads of children to play with and make happy, and now they’re not here. 

Before all this happened, we had some young people from a place where they make cars, called Toyota.  They’re just learning how to make cars but they want to do something to help TURN and they’ve got some great ideas for how to make the barn into somewhere super for children to learn.  We hope, when this nasty thingy has gone away, they can come back and finish what they wanted to do.  I’ve offered to help bring their tools but India says that’s only ‘cause I took them away in the first place!