Hi, I’m Dylan and I live here at TURN Education. 

I’ve been asked to take over the blog, which I think is pretty GRONNF! (That’s ‘cool’ in Donkey, if you didn’t know). 

I can keep you up to speed with what’s going down here because I like know everything there is to know and, if I don’t know, I can always ask my main man, Flynn.  We hang out a lot, me and Flynn, ‘cause we’ve got a lot in common.  Brothers from another mother, innit?

So, I live here with my mum, Penny (although her proper name’s Penelope, which takes a bit of saying).  I’m not supposed to tell everyone, ‘cause she thinks it makes her look fat, but she’s expecting a baby.  She wants it to be a little girl donkey but I’m hoping for a brother, so I can play football with him.  It takes SO long to make a new donkey, I’m tired of waiting, but mum says it will be worth it.

My mum’s alright, I suppose, but she will keep treating me like a baby, which is defo NOT gronnf!  Like, I mean, she tries to sing me nursery rhymes, even though I tell her not to.  Have you heard a donkey sing?  Well, I’m telling you, it’s not something you forget in a hurry!

There’s some stories about me and my mum in the new book ‘Waggy Dog Tales’ that they’re selling in time for Christmas.  You can check it out on Amazon (http://mybook.to/WaggyDogTales) but, if you want to buy it, you should tell Caroline ‘cause they make loads more money for TURN if you buy it from them, than if you buy it from Amazon, and that all goes to pay for our winter feed and t’ing, you know what I mean?

Anyway, anything you want to know about TURN, just ask me.  If you’re round this way any time, come round and see me.  Maybe we can hang out together, yeah?  Next time I’ve got some news, I’ll let you know.  Be gronnf!