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At TURN we recognise that people often face multiple challenging barriers in their lives and that all too often these barriers stop them from becoming the person they really want to become. Our aim at TURN is to recognise, celebrate and develop our own three R’s: Responsibility, Relaxation and Recognition and work within our local and wider community to help everyone realise their full potential.

TURN Education CIC operates as a Care Farm harnessing the therapeutic nature of animals, nature and the great outdoors to create opportunities for people to learn, grow and reconnect with themselves and those around them. We specialise in supporting young people with activities that help them re-engage with education but, in an emerging Post Covid landscape, are also helping a wide range of adults; those seeking employment or a change of career, people re-entering the workplace after long periods of absence due to the pandemic restrictions, people young and old wanting to improve their wellbeing and mental health. All are welcome and supported via our therapeutic and holistic activities.

Our Smallholding in Stramshall, Uttoxeter is run along care farming principles and our activities promote learning how to care for, enrich the lives of and understand, our animals. We embed nature and the environment into all of our activities and the great outdoors is rooted in all that we do. We are a member of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) and Social Farms and Gardens, hold full DBS and public liability insurance and our animals are registered on East Staffordshire Borough Council’s welfare scheme.

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